Wattbike analysis & training

The Wattbike allows everyone from complete beginners to elite athletes to experience the same ultimate training tool!  My goal is to provide sessions to be able to assess your current riding style, paying particular attention to your technique, power output and pedaling efficiency.

  • Individual Leg power and efficiency

  • Left to right leg balance

  • Pedal stroke efficiency

  • Heart rate

  • Speed

  • Distance


The session will includes a Biomechanical assessment of your pedaling technique and riding style. We will give you specific advice on how to maximise your efficiency and power through improved technique.

We can then design a program of training at the right intensity for you to achieve muscle growth and improved fitness.

So if its performance conditioning you are after, a Watt Bike session will produce amazing results in a short period of time.

Winter training programme

6 sessions to keep you cycling fit over the winter.

Each session is an hour and will include a Wattbike assessment, specific bespoke exercise to target the areas that need strengthening or/and to improve endurance.