“I was using a wheelchair regularly and didn’t leave the house without a walking stick. I invested in a disability motor scooter and we moved into a house with a stair-lift. If I don’t take my medication (I have run out- hence I know) I do shake uncontrollably.

However over the past year I have made significant and positive progress. This has been confirmed by my GP, Consultant and Parkinson’s nurses via the regular checks they make. They have informed me that my hand eye coordination and walking distance have both improved by 50% in 3 months. I believe that his is the direct result of a course of “therapy’ that I have undertaken.


Despite my exercises my left arm had become continually bent and immobile my fingers were claw-like and frozen (painfully), my chin was towards my chest and my head was on one side and as I said earlier my mobility was significantly impaired. I now go for sports therapy twice a week (it is painful and I can feel the muscles and nerves as she works on them) however the results have been amazing. Following my first treatment (where she worked on my shoulder and arm) I was able to straighten my arm and to lift it over my head (impossible before) and I could unbend all my fingers and use them as a normal person would. Following further exercises and treatment I can I catch a ball with my left hand which I haven’t been able to use for years, (my hand eye coordination is significantly improved as is my arm and finger mobility)

Following her sports massage work on my shoulders, neck and back my head is now straight again and I am looking straight ahead. 

I also have sports massages on my legs and I am now walking short distances unaided (no stick - no arms - no wheelchair), my balance is better and I feel better every week. Obviously I am not walking great distances -but I am significantly improved.


I know that my current ‘wellness', given that i have been living with the disease for more than 15 years is the result of a combination of things - including medication, support from the Parkinson’s team and my positive mental attitude, but I do think that the significant turn around over the past months would not have been possible without my sports therapist Caroline Boulton” Mrs C