How can a online consultation help

How can we diagnose and fix an injury without touching someone?


​Most injuries can be self-treated as long as you have an accurate diagnosis and a sensible treatment plan - both of which I can easily provide via video call.

My clinical experience and the right mix of rest and exercise that will heal you in the long run. We can also direct you to the right therapists in your area.

Rest alone is not enough, as it leaves you with a weak area that can easily break down again. The same happens when you do the wrong exercises at the wrong time.

How a online assessment works

I use my experience to provide you with a diagnosis via an in-depth consultation using Skype or any other video app that you prefer.

First, I’ll ask you to tell me about the circumstances under which you were injured as well as any factors that you feel may be contributing to your condition.

During the second part of the consultation I’ll guide you through a thorough physical examination, just like I would do if you consulted me in my regular clinic.

I approach the whole body holistically looking for any misalignments.

The value of having access to an experienced sports therapist that I can help guide you through your recovery process so that you know when you should hold back and when you can push the boundaries a bit.

I’ll work out a detailed treatment plan for you, including videos of your exercises. In the last part of our video consultation I’ll ask you to perform the exercises to ensure that they’re appropriate for you. After the consultation I’ll e-mail you the plan, with links to the videos.

Your treatment plan may also include some self-taping or self-massage techniques. I can advise on the materials and equipment you’ll need for this.

How to book
  1. Choose a consultation package.

  2. Bookings for a booking app, click on the link. 

  3. Payment taken via the booking app.

  4. We have our video consultation. I diagnose your injury and explain your treatment plan or advise.

  5. Videos of relevant exercises can be sent or directed to my you tube channel.

  6. Feel free to ask follow-up questions via email if necessary.

During covid 19 lockdown i'm offering a discount. its only £20 for a consultaion.