Deadlifting and free weights technique workshop


You want to lift free weights & deadlift confidently and safely.

You want to be stronger for everyday life!

You want to avoid injury and train for the long term.

You need an expert to break it down, tell you where you are going wrong and how to fix it.

You want to learn at a pace that is suitable for you, not be thrown in to the mix in a high intensity class and left to fend for yourself.

On this workshop you will

  • Learn correct technique for the barbell lifts, such as squat and deadlift.

  • Learn how to improve at bodyweight exercises such as pull ups and push ups

  • Learn how to develop both lower body and upper body strength effectively

  • Understand how to train safely and minimise injury

  • Feel confident in your technique and inspired to train hard!

  • Free beginner training programme to take away