Golfers elbow, tennis elbow.

Pain is most often experienced anywhere from the elbow joint to the wrist.

Damage occurs by small rears to the muscles, tendons and ligaments around the elbow joint and forearm. Forming scar tissue and calcium deposits. They cause a restriction of movement, inflammation and pain. If untreated, this scar tissue and calcium deposits can put so much pressure on the muscles and nerves that they can cut off the blood flow and pinch the nerves responsible for controlling the muscles in the forearm. What causes elbow pain? Any action, which involves a repetitive and prolonged strain on the forearm, direct injury, or fall onto the elbow. Poor technique will contribute to the condition, such as using ill-fitted equipment, like golf clubs, tennis racquets, work tools, etc. Treatment.

Soft tissue massage and trigger therapy by a sports massage therapist is one of the most effective treatments for removing scar tissue and speeding up the healing process of the muscles and tendons. Once most of the pain has been reduced, the next stage is rehabilitation to regain and improve the strength, power, endurance and flexibility of the muscles and tendons that have been compromised. #tenniselbow #golferselbow #elbowpain #tendonitis #triggertherapy #sportsmassage #wilmslow #cheshire

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